About Us

GPScards - A service provider for trackers.

We have been in business since 2006 in the great state of Nevada. Our parent company is ElectroFlip LLC. We’re a small team of Software Developers, Network Engineers, and Server Admins who share an interest in Telematics. We’ve been in the Telematics GPS Tracking industry since inception, we’ve primarily acted as a full service end to end provider. In our years of experience we kept facing the same pain points with clients on service. We had no control over service reception, coverage, and cost.

All of our clients were at the mercy the mobile phone wireless giants, whether it be in America, Australia, or Europe.

  In comes GPScards, we begin to focus our time on building strategic telecom partners around the nation to support our American clients. This proof of concept turned out well and over the last several years, we begin to branch out around the globe negotiating low cost gps device only data service. We are now in 197 countries partnered with 600 networks, able to offer nearly worldwide coverage with no roaming charges or hidden fees.

  But we didnt stop there, we went a little further to offer our clients a commercial easy to use GPS platform. We invested $378k in this platform and over a decade  of life. This is an in-house custom solution that we decided to open up to the public for the few who find us. We’ve modeled GPScards as a crowd funded system to keep our lease with our telecom tower partners happy and keep our rates at a low fixed cost. You are welcome, and mutually we thank you.

We offer the only GPS sim card for GPS Trackers. We have been in the business for over a decade and during this time experienced the feeling of being at the mercy of telecom. It is time we remind the phone carriers that they work for us. We have negotiated flat wholesale pricing with each of the telecom giants for truly unlimited data (no throttling), and device bands (gps device only traffic), with free global roaming. When utilizing the GPS card, you now automatically have access to the GPS Tracking Platform. This infrastructure took over a decade to achieve, but it has become quite the polished product you see here today.

Whether you have an entry level generic tracker, or advanced telematics fleet management tracker, we are offering a simplified fair cost service for both. BYOD (Bring your own device) and find out how simple. Don’t get stuck with a limited reception mobile phone carrier or high cost service.